Are you the leader you want to be?


The Barnabas Leadership Group grows the soul and leadership capacity of leaders by:

  • Taking advantage of a person’s natural leadership laboratory – life in the home, congregation and community,
  • Offering life-giving leadership concepts, while centering on growing the soul of the disciple,
  • Developing a greater capacity, capability, and fruitfulness in ministry leaders.

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The Barnabas Leadership Group

Acts 16:5 Blog Posts


Vol. 16 No. 10                October, 3 2017 Dear Friend, Consider all of the guests who will attend worship services over the next seven days.  Some will come because they are accompanying members of their Learn More


Vol. 16 No. 9 September 5, 2017 Dear Friend, We “face up” to enjoy our relationship with our loving Lord, we “face in” as we grow in friendships of the heart with others who Learn More

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