Enjoy Life, Enjoy God

Dale Patterson


May 22, 2010

Multi-tasking may be a reality in much of our lives, and most of us give it our best shot to do so. Yet there is a caution if we let our spiritual lives drift into a possible myth of multi-tasking, co-existence, having cake and eat it too.

"To love him with all your heart, with all your understanding and with all your strength..."
- Mark12:33 NRS

Multi-taskings tempts us with the self-deception that we can have it all, that co-existence of conflicted desires can really work. That's wrong. Again the Puritans bless me with this prayer:
Teach me that Christ cannot be the way if I am the end, that he cannot be Redeemer if I am my own savior, that there can be no true union with him while the creature has my heart, that faith accepts him as Redeemer and Lord or not at all. (The Valley of Vision Prayerbook)
What if we repented today of such co-existence efforts?

Dale Patterson