Enjoy Life, Enjoy God

Dale Patterson


August 25, 2011

The Psalms and elsewhere are filled with the cries of the human heart:  abadonment, suffereing, injustice, and on.  But have we heard the cry of God?
My people are determined to turn from the me. Even though they call me God Most High, I will by no means exalt them. "How can I give you up, Ephraim? How can I hand you over, Israel?"

                                      - Hosea 11:7,8 TNIV


Hosea grants us a glimpse into God's heart, we listen in on the cry of God. And what is it? About God's beloved, you and me, and how we constantly wander off into unfaithfulness, and pursue other gods, other lovers. Yet the good news breaks out of the cry: "How can I give you up?"
Mind you, this is not the only picture of God we have, but it gives us a peak into God's summons to holiness, to righteous living, but also God's tenderness, God's amazing reservoir of mercy. "How can I hand you over?" In Jesus Christ God reaches out to us once again.
Dale Patterson