About VCI

"The Vision of the Vital Churches Institute is to lead the transformation of the mainline church." E. Stanley Ott, Ph.D, President and Founder


Our focus is helping congregations become increasingly fruitful in their disciple-growing ministries and in their missional engagement with our world. We equip the church with tools, practices and patterns of transformational ministry design and missional endeavor. We want to see congregations of all sizes and levels of present vitality move in the direction of increasing fruitfulness and God's future for them.


There is a wonderful God-given hunger for fresh vitality in the established church.

  • Among individual Christians seeking a growing vitality in the experience of God with commensurate growth in faith and practice.
  • Among healthy, thriving congregations that want to discover new growing edges that sustain their vitality and advance with new ministries and a growing fruitfulness.
  • Among congregations on a numerical plateau or losing momentum to experience new hope, fresh energy, and a life-giving new contact with our living Lord and the world to which we are sent.
  • Among denominations who believe that a turn-around in their vitality and service is a legitimate purpose worthy of pursuit.

Our heart's desire is to be a "paraclete" in your life and in your congregation – as those who our good Lord would call alongside you to help and encourage you!