Success Stories - Denominational Regions

Mike Cole, Denominational Leader, Houston, TX

"The Acts 16:5 Initiative IS the fuse that ignited transformation within our presbytery!"

Betty Meadows, General Presbyter, Mid-Kentucky

"The Acts 16:5 Initiative has given the 20 participating congregations in Mid-Kentucky Presbytery hope FOR transformation, and transformation is not easy. It is a process that takes prayer, time, hope and courage. When the teams gather for each seminar, the energy in the room is palpable. Energy begets energy and hope abounds. It is exciting to see so many engaged in this transformative process that is lead by the risen Christ."

Debbie Rundlett, General Presbyter, Muskingum Valley, Ohio

"Stan and his team are all seasoned practioners who live what they teach. They know from experience that transformational ministry does not happen in calm and quiet. They have been through the Refiner's Fire and know the gift born of challenge. In short, they are people of faith and have been tried and found true."

Al Timm, Denominational Leader, Detroit, Michigan

"This is a great process for any church where committees turn into teams (see Stan's book on this). An Acts 16:5 group meets monthly to form an "action learning" team, using questions to help each other refine vision (no answers, only questions and reflection-What did we learn?). Acts 16:5 is about identifying a new mission. It is about praying for guidance and then following Christ's call."

Success Stories from Individual Congregations 

Pat Clark, Pastor – Houston, Texas

I am the pastor of St. Stephen Presbyterian Church in Houston, Texas, a small (85 in worship) congregation in a changing neighborhood. We were the first presbytery to embrace Acts 16:5. I was THRILLED with the initial workshop that Stan Ott put on for the presbytery and signed up to be part of the team that oversaw the work for the presbytery. My church was one of the participants.

We were all interested because we were concerned about declining church attendance and an aging congregation. Acts 16:5 gave us hope for reversing the trend and is the most user friendly of all the transformation programs that are out there. Stan's approach is very gracious, affirming what is already in place, and building on it, instead of coming in like a steam roller and blasting everyone for what they are not doing right.

What it did for us is help us clarify who we are and what we are about, give us tools for evaluating what we are doing, and built spiritual practices into the DNA of the life of St. Stephen. The year before we began not one person joined our church. With Acts 16:5 we began to receive new members, and that has continued. The spiritual energy rose in the congregation.

I was also blessed by a pastor's support group that met monthly and we developed friendships with other Presbyterian churches that were participating. We were able to brainstorm together and come up with fresh ideas. We were all in it together instead of isolated or competitive. It was a wonderful experience, and Stan Ott was available as a consultant - sharing ideas whenever we asked - for stewardship drives, officers retreats, etc. Giving and attendance rose. A couple of my elders said it was the best leadership training they had ever received.

Overall, I saw the flavor of the Presbytery changing - more energy and passion. I also saw the parable of the sower. Some churches thrived and went full steam ahead, and others never seemed to get off the ground. Pastoral leadership seemed pretty key. When the pastor was excited, the churches did better.

Last month we had our annual General Council retreat (Presbytery) and brought in Jill Hudson, asst. stated clerk for the denomination, who spends all of her time traveling the country and visiting presbyteries. She said Acts 16:5 is having a good effect in congregational transformation nationwide and being well received. The denomination is changing for the better because of it. Acts 16:5 seems to work regardless of whether a congregation is liberal or conservative.

My recommendation is that you do it. You will get out of it what you put into it.

Bob Reese, Pastor, Silver City, New Mexico

I just want to say thank you. About a year ago, our church leadership was recognizing that measurable down turns in our church's vitality needed to be addressed. Your partnership with the Presbytery de Cristo was picking up, last January, at just the right time for us to say "let's join the Acts 16:5 Initiative as a way of beginning our work to make intentional efforts to help turn things around." I give thanks to God that we did. And I am particularly thankful that we'd begun this work before there was a down turn in the nation's economy. I believe we'd be in an even more challenging position than we are now. While it's a slow start, we have begun to season our church's life with priniciples we are learning from the Acts 16:5 Initiative. We are beginning to see some fruit too.

  • Some groups are beginning their meetings by listening to God's word together and lifting one another up in prayer.
  • We've more participation in our Advent Studies.
  • As we are receiving new members we are doing a better job of equipping them, and will do more so in the future, to participate prayerfully in daily life, in one another's lives and in the church's life.
  • We've enjoyed an (and will enjoy more) additional worship service designed to more fully engage more people.
  • We've just adopted a Mission Statement and through the new year will work at using it to align our various ministries in a common, refined, set of purposes – all to the glory of God.

Here's perhaps one of the main things that I think you've helped give voice and legs to: God, revealed in the past and sovereign of the future, is at work today – and we can work to align ourselves with God's activity. Let's do it. Indeed, there is no alternative – at least not one that I'd want to follow.

Marie Mickey, Bryan, TX

After a slow start, the process is gathering momentum. A team (8 people) was formed and is meeting twice a month using the Word, Share, Prayer devotional. It is amazing watching and participating in the bonding that is occurring. Our "work" together has been developing a Vision statement. Using input invited from the congregation a vision statement was
developed. The Session is considering it now – at this moment it is... Reaching Others for Christ, Teaching Discipleship, Helping Those in Need. After approval we plan to print it in every bulletin and other church publications, display on banners in various areas of the church, etc. A column in our weekly church newsletter is devoted to Acts 16:5 – describing all that it is and what is involved. The Acts 16:5 team is the moderator of the Stewardship and Finance committee, for our recent budget preparation he asked that programs and requests be evaluated against the new vision statement. The momentum is beginning to build and certainly we have a long way to go. Our team really sees the value of getting together with our cluster to share our stories as well as learn and encourage one another.

As of late January, just to let you know, we have finalized our Vision Statement: Preaching Christ, Teaching Discipleship, Reaching Others. Small Groups continue to bubble up and several of the committees as well as the Diaconate continue to end their time together with the Halverson blessing. The Small Group that formed to explore contemporary worship did great work! The service is now in its fourth year. Peace, Marie