The Barnabas Leadership Group

Are you the leader you would like to be?

Are you utilizing all your leadership gifts?

Would you like to improve the health and vitality of your congregation?


Boost Your Leadership Capacity 

Many of us have little formal study of the practice of leadership, especially in organizations as complex as congregations. Yet, every one of us has some level of leadership capacity and competence. The Barnabas Leadership Group aims to develop a greater capacity, capability, and fruitfulness in ministry leaders. The result is a marked increase in your leadership ability and a pronounced impact in your church.

Participants Will Come Away Equipped!


Cohort Participants Will:

  • Grow in their understanding of the essential practices of effective leaders and their application in today’s adaptive environment. 

  • Discover leadership strengths and areas for growth using relevant assessment instruments and Group-based feedback. 

  • Enhance the effectiveness of their leadership capacity with the specific leadership challenges of their current ministries while growing their congregation’s fruitfulness. 

  • Reinforce leadership competencies and capacities through online Peer Cluster discussions and Group gatherings. Additional input and support will be offered by Vital Churches Institute team members. 

  • Include pastors, associate pastors, Commissioned Lay Pastors (CLPs), Christian Educators, interested congregational leaders, and denominational regional leaders. 

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