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Pray Daily:  Igniting Our Passion for God 
A Ninety-Day Adventure in Prayer
weaves three threads of Christian living together:

  • The practice of daily prayer  When we practice a new habit ninety days in a row it more easily becomes part of our ongoing lifestyle. The 120-page prayer book guides daily prayers using the wonderful words of the Lord’s Prayer. 
  • The experience of joining in a prayer trio of three people   A group of three is large enough for people to feel comfortable and small enough for people to experience mutual encouragement. The prayer trio meets weekly for twelve weeks, in person if possible, or over the phone as well. 
  • The Bible study practice known as Word-Share-Prayer  One of the most powerful ways to enjoy Bible study is to join with the others in a prayer trio for a one-hour meeting. We spend twenty minutes sharing insights from our study of the Bible. For thirty minutes we share the blessings and needs in our lives. For ten minutes we pray for one another in gratitude for our blessings and concerning our needs.

This 90-day adventure in prayer launches in three simple steps whether your aim is to involve 10 people or 100 or 1000!


Step One:  Conduct an opening gathering “Affirmation of Prayer” (typically Sunday evening). The pastor works with a ministry team of two to twelve people whose goal is to get everyone to this gathering – the active and the less active in church life. 


Step Two:  At the end of the “Affirmation of Prayer” invite the people in attendance to form prayer trios – groups of three –  with each other, preferably with those of differing ages and who are not family or close friends. The group plans when to meet for one hour once each week for Word-Share-Prayer. Provide a way for those who miss the “Affirmation of Prayer” and those who cannot leave their homes to participate.


Step Three:  Conduct a closing gathering “Celebration of Prayer” (typically Sunday evening). Invite all of the participants who are able to attend an hour celebration of what our Lord accomplished among us in the last three months. 


 Enjoy these blessings and many more...

The 90-day duration is long enough to establish new holy habits!

People form new and lasting friendships! 

People of all levels of church involvement are pulled in!

Cost is $7 each for 1-49 copies; $6.50 each for 50-99 copies;
$6.00 each for 100-249 copies and $5.00 each for 250+ copies.
Shipping/handling costs are in addition to booklet cost.