Enjoy Life, Enjoy God

Dale Patterson


May 3, 2013

The old Hebrew scrolls contained two "books" as we call them today. The first part of the re-building project was Ezra, the second part of the scroll AND rebuilding project was Nehemiah.

Give your servant success today by granting him favor in the presence of this man. I was cupbearer to the king.
                                               --Nehemiah 1:11 TNIV

Ezra is used to re-build the temple; Nehemiah is used by God to restore the walls of the city of Jerusalem. Nehemiah is fully aware of the connection between the desolation of the city of Jerusalem, and the desolation of the souls of the people of God. Nehemiah leads the people to repentance, and to renew their commitment to God.

I'm wary of attributing our circumstances directly good or bad to God, whether we are faithful or not. But it is a matter of application to us. Note his prayer. Surely like us, he wants success, but it begins in a humble searching heart grounded in God.


Dale Patterson