Enjoy Life, Enjoy God

Dale Patterson


May 7, 2013

Providence might be defined as God's involvement in our lives, in our world, God at work in and behind the scenes of life.

And because the gracious hand of my God was on me, the king granted my requests.
                                                   --Nehemiah 2:8 TNIV

Nehemiah was the cup-bearer to the King Artaxerxes, at the time, the most powerful person in their known world. The king noticed Nehemiah was blue, and said, "What's the problem?" To which Nehemiah said, "The city of my ancestors, Jerusalem, is in ruins." Artaxerxes said, "Let's fix that. I'm sending you to repair the city." And so it started.

Nehemiah, though surely grateful to his boss, the king, he saw this more about God's providence, then about the king. He saw God's hand in it all; he saw God's providence. That's a choice we can make as well, to see God's providence. Be on the lookout this day, look for God in the details. It restores our entire outlook when we see God at work through it all...the not so good, and the good!


Dale Patterson