Enjoy Life, Enjoy God

Dale Patterson


August 16, 2013

When we cast a shadow on the pavement, we get some idea of what we are looking at, but not the thing itself.


The law is only a shadow of the good tings that are coming--not the realities themselves.
                                                  --Hebrews 10:1 TNIV

The Book of Hebrews, among others things, shows us how Jesus and his atoning life, death and resurrection are the fulfillment of the entire sacrificial-priestly system. It shows how that system was a shadow of what is to come.

C.S. Lewis loved playing with this "shadows" truth. We mistakenly live much of our lives as if the shadows are the reality, the end in itself. No, not so, do not do...but we do! This place we call home, is not home. These faith-hopes sustain us, but they are not complete, only a shadow of the fulfillment. Live today knowing hope of the shadows, yet don't forget, they are not yet the thing to come, not the glory.


Dale Patterson