Building One Another

E. Stanley Ott


September 24, 2013

Dear Friend,

In the “theater mentality” of our day, we attend movies, sporting events, and other forms of entertainment, expecting only to experience something from the event. We speak to our close friends and pay no attention to other people though perhaps offering a brief nod.

Consider the guests who will attend a worship service you attend.  It’s an odd and lonely feeling to walk in to a church building for the first time while surrounded by a group of total strangers.

Yet guests come because they are accompanying members of their families or good friends. Other guests come out of some inner urge inspired by the God who loves them. 

For whatever reason they come, their presence is your opportunity to offer a warm welcome.

Have the grace and courage to say something to those who sit near you, who walk beside you.

Consider this:

When a woman approached Jesus sitting by a well, he spoke to her (John 4).

When Philip saw the Ethiopian in a chariot, he ran over to speak to him (Acts 8).

When Paul met some women who were praying by a river, he spoke to them (Acts 16)


When you attend a worship service, put on a “ministry mentality” and allow our Lord to encourage other people’s hearts through you, knowing He will encourage your heart as well.

Be alert to the people God places in your life -- especially this week – speak to them – say something!

On behalf of our Lord, be a host and welcome those who find their way into worship services as those venturing into unknown territory. All you have to say is, “Welcome, I am glad you are here,” and take it from there.

With joy - E. Stanley Ott
Copyright 2013 E. Stanley Ott