Enjoy Life, Enjoy God

Dale Patterson


November 26, 2013

Hey, I'm reading through the second half of the Book of Exodus.  Page after page of details, instructions, measurements, what does this have to do with following Jesus?

Make a courtyard for the tabernacle.  The south side shall be a hundred cubits long and is to have curtains of finely twisted linen, with twenty posts and twenty bronze bases and with silver hooks and bands on the posts....
                                                   --Exodus 27:9,10 TNIV
I admit it can be hard wading through these construction and ceremonial details.  Yet here is a take away for us.  God's instructions are down to the details.  Care was to be taken in the construction of the tabernacle, and in the implementation of the liturgy.  That is a far cry from where we are today, and maybe we would do well to give this a second thought.

We live in a very casual society, and we run the risk of being casual of our relationship with God.  We treat God like our buddy, not the holy of holies; we think God is altogether like us.  Maybe we would do well to be less casual about God.
Dale Patterson