Building One Another

E. Stanley Ott

HE LIVES Vol 13 No 6

April 15, 2014

Dear Friend,

When Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome arrived at the tomb of Jesus early in the morning they were stunned to discover the rock in front of the tomb had been moved. A young man dressed in a white robe told them Jesus had been raised and was not there. Mark 16

The various translations of the Bible use several words to describe the feelings of these women such as alarmed, terror, amazement, trembling, astonishment, and bewildered.

I find these words are in themselves a wonderful testimony to the reality of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Someone writing a nice starry-eyed ending to the story would have pictured the women overcome with joy and happiness. Instead they experience raw shock.  

The huge stone was moved. Their beloved Jesus was gone. They are told not only that Jesus lives but also that he is going to Galilee ahead of them and that they would see him again.

These women knew something very exceptionally out of the ordinary had occurred.

Jesus is alive – right here right now with you wherever you are reading this. Allow this to be the Easter of your life. Open your life anew to this Lord who loves you and know and experience the love he has for you.

A joyous Easter to you  - E. Stanley Ott
Copyright 2014 E. Stanley Ott