Building One Another

E. Stanley Ott

LET.IT.GO! Vol 14 No 14

April 7, 2015

Dear Friend,

I remember hearing Kennon Callahan tell of sailing in the Florida Keys. As his sailboat approached a beach he looked over the side and noticed the water was only two feet deep. So he picked up the anchor and jumped over the side, only to discover it was more like twenty feet deep.

Sinking rapidly, the thought crossed his mind, “Let. Go. Of. The. Anchor.” Many things in life weigh us down – some of our own choosing, some given to us, some appropriate for us to hang on to yet sometimes we hang on when we need to Let. It. Go!

The word translated “forgive” in the New Testament has the sense of let it go, release, or send away. The idea is that when you are wronged you hold both the injury and the offender to yourself. You suffer doubly as you suffer the wrong done to you and as you hold on to resentment.  

Be honest with yourself. Has someone done something to you – or to another person – and you continue to hold it against them and thus hold on to what causes you to sink?

A real letting go is an act of grace – wherein you – at your own expense of mind, heart, and will  – just let it go – and release the other person. We received, “the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of his [Jesus’] grace” Ephesians 1:7.* At his expense Jesus released us!

Is there a person you need to forgive? Let. It. Go. Let him go. Let her go. And live! 

Joy to you - E. Stanley Ott
Copyright 2015 E. Stanley Ott
*Scripture from the NRSV