Building One Another

E. Stanley Ott


February 2, 2016

Dear Friend,

Dear Friend,

On hot summer days, it is easy to find ourselves growing thirsty.
The psalmist wrote, "As the deer pants for streams of  water, so my soul pants for you O' God [Psalm 42:1 NIV]."
A growing thirstiness for  God, an increasing longing to know God, to enjoy His presence and His love, and to serve Him are evidences of a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
It is God's intent to make us spiritually thirsty and to satisfy that thirst with Christ and Christ alone.
Central to our life with Christ is that we discover in Him is life. A vacation may renew you for a couple of weeks.  Jesus Christ will sustain you for a lifetime.
During these summer days, I urge you to stir up that spiritual thirstiness in you and then quench that thirst with Jesus Christ by means of  worship and his Word.
Commit yourself to worship in church. Be there every Sunday you are physically able to attend.
God designed the Sabbath to be a weekly meeting with him all year round.  Don't take a vacation from the number one priority of your life.
Enjoy some special times of Bible reading and reflection during the summer.
The summer  is a good time to practice Psalm 23. Go to a park or scenic place where you can literally "lie down in a green pasture" or sit beside some still waters.  There you may read your Bible and allow God's Spirit to restore your soul.
Joy to you - E. Stanley Ott                                 
Copyright 2016 E. Stanley Ott
*Scripture from the NIV