Enjoy Life, Enjoy God

Dale Patterson


July 10, 2009

 My son's two Australian shepherds are with us for a week. Whoa! Smart dogs. Trained to gather, protect, keep together, move toward a goal.

Therefore you shepherds, hear the word of the Lord...
-Ezekiel 34:7 TNIV

Ezekiel 34 is the great shepherd chapter. The prophet cries out against the leaders of Israel who have not shepherded faithfully: they allowed the people to be plundered, scattered, pillaged in practice and by going after false gods. But word is of a new shepherd, one who will care for, call together the scattered, and they will know "that I am the Lord." A coming "good shepherd." We know him, don't we?

But shepherding, even in Israel, even by the Good Shepherd, is not an easy or small task with a bunch of strong-willed defiant sheep who say, "I know what's best for me!" So the good shepherd has quite a job. How's life for you today in the Good Shepherd's flock.

Dale Patterson