Building One Another

E. Stanley Ott


September 1, 2009

Dear Friend,


How do you know what you know?  How do you know what you know about art, about literature, about the science of our world, about money and work, about anything?


The philosophical concept known as “epistemology” is concerned with the theory of knowledge and how you know what you know.


We all have many sources of knowledge – things we learned from our parents and our friends, things we learned during our years of schooling and from experience – the college of hard knocks.


What do you know about God and what do you know about the life choices that please God?  How do you know what you know?


There is a vast confusion in our day about the nature of God and a great diversity of opinion concerning the appropriate ways to conduct our lives – what is right and wrong behavior.


So, when you make an assertion about God or express your opinion that this or that behavior is both good and right, how do you know?


The only way to know the true character of God, to understand that there is a unique path to that God in the person of Jesus and the lifestyle that pleases God is to understand the Scriptures known as the Bible.


Before the fall begins decide to make the serious study of the Bible part of your life routine.  Discover the power of God’s Word as the basis of what you know about God and the life that pleases God and encourages people.


With joy - E. Stanley Ott                               

Copyright 2009 E. Stanley Ott     

*Scripture from the NRSV