Enjoy Life, Enjoy God

Dale Patterson


October 5, 2009

I am a student of history. There is great value in learning from those who preceded us. I've been into the Puritans the last several years. But the more I read them, the more I suspect that we are a different kind of Christian than they.

O Fountain of all good, destroy in me every lofty thought, break pride to pieces and scatter it to the winds, annihilate each clinging shred of self-righteousness, implant in me true lowliness of spirit, abase me to self-loathing and self-abhorrence, open in me a fount of penitential tears, break me, then bind me up; thus will my heart be a prepared dwelling for my God; then can the Father take up his abode in me, then can the blessed Jesus come with healing in his touch, then can the Holy Spirit descend in sanctifying grace;
O Holy Trinity, three Persons and one God, inhabit me, a temple consecrated to thy glory....
The Valley of Vision

The Christian who prays such a prayer is far cry from one who looks to spiritual matters, and the religion to find oneself, or to meet one's needs; this is no Consumer Christian. This is a person who dies to the self and comes alive to Jesus Christ. Sadly, I confess, this is not me, but I pray it would be.

Are you the kind of Christian who would pray such a prayer?

Enjoy Life, Enjoy God

Dale Patterson