Building One Another

E. Stanley Ott

AWARE Vol 8 No 47

December 15, 2009

Dear Friend,

This past Saturday my daughter and I were shopping at a major department store.  It felt like everyone on the planet was in the store and shopping was a hassle.


On more than one occasion I began to steam and heard her say, “Dad, be patient!”  It settles the spirit when the daughter straightens out the Dad!


Images of Joseph and Mary staring at their young son in the manger always have such a serene aura about them.  They are simply focused completely on Jesus!


So, do you find the Christmas season serene and peaceful?  For many of us “manic” would be a better word!  Crowds and deadlines seem to crowd out the simple enjoyment of an awareness of the person of Jesus.


Finding gifts, whether online or at the store, navigating crowds and attending various gatherings simply are a part of the Christmas experience in our day.


However, there are opportunities to experience some Christmas serenity and to become aware of Jesus.  When you arise and your home is quiet or in the moments before bed play some Christmas music, read the story of the birth of Jesus and focus on him.


Even when you are out and about with crowds pressing and deadlines looming you may pause in your inner spirit to be aware of God’s presence, pray that those people around you become aware of the presence of Jesus this season and be grateful for his love.


Jesus is a babe in the manger no longer.  We know him as the resurrected and fully alive Lord of the universe, of our personal lives and of our world.  Become aware of Jesus and rejoice!


With joy - E. Stanley Ott

Copyright 2009 E. Stanley Ott