Enjoy Life, Enjoy God

Dale Patterson


February 25, 2010

Here we go again. One generation of righteousness under Hezekiah's reign, only to be followed by his worthless son, Manasseh.

[Manasseh] did evil in the eyes of the Lord, following the detestable practices of the nations the Lord had driven out before the Israelites. He rebuilt the high places his father Hezekiah had destroyed; he also erected altars to Baal and made an Asherah pole, as Ahab king of Israel had done.
- 2 Kings 21:2,3 TNIV  

Righteousness must run uphill, and sin, wickedness races downhill. In a breath after Hezekiah's faithfulness, and inspired leadership departs, and his son, Manasseh not only advocated, "anything goes," but set about to reverse the reformation his father instituted. Like water running downhill, Judah quickly went to the dogs.

Perhaps we can learn from Hezekiah & Manasseh. Could we learn: Yes, we are to enjoy life, and enjoy God, but to do so, requires 24/7 vigilance and attention to faithfulness? There is no such thing as casual Christianity, or passive discipleship. What do you think?

Dale Patterson