Enjoy Life, Enjoy God

Dale Patterson


May 20, 2010

"Sappy," not in the sense of corny and too emotionally sweet, but literally, full of sap, and overflowing with life, and bearing fruit.

In old age they still produce fruit; they are always green and full of sap...
- Psalm 92:14 NRS

Perhaps it's the birthday I "endured" this week--serious numbers! Yet when I prayed the Psalms today, God's Word challenged not just my body, but "world-think." Our body tells us it ain't like it was when it was twenty-five, to be sure. "World-think" trains us to expect less and less of an aging person. Yet here the Psalmist sees life, vitality: "still produce fruit," "always green and full of sap."

Maybe it's time for Christians, not to deny the realities of aging, BUT, to hear God's Word: we need not concede to world-think. In Christ, there is much fruit for those of us who seek to stay sappy in him. That's true eight or eighty.

Dale Patterson