July 2010

Pray Daily:  A 90-Day Adventure in Prayer - E. Stanley Ott


I am excited about a new venture we are launching at the Vital Churches Institute. After introducing over twenty-five judicatories and hundreds of congregations to concepts such as “Word-Share-Prayer,” small group life and the personal devotional life, we realized we need a way to give many more people in congregations and in judicatory gatherings a taste of these spiritual disciplines that change lives and forge friendships. 

Imagine a 90-day spiritual adventure!

Your entire congregation, judicatory or group engaged in a 90-day adventure in prayer!

Your people introduced to the study of the moving Lord’s Prayer.           

           Your people meeting in prayer trios once a week in person or by phone for 90 days.

 Ninety days is long enough to establish new holy habits! It is long enough for people to form new lasting friendships! It’s a wonderful way to pull people of all levels of involvement into a new experience of prayer  and mutual encouragement.

 Pray Daily: A 90 Day Adventure in Prayer weaves three threads of Christian living together:

- The practice of daily prayer 
When we practice a new habit 90 days in a row it more easily becomes part of our ongoing lifestyle. The 106 page prayer book guides daily prayers using the wonderful words of the Lord’s Prayer for each day of the week.       

- The experience of joining in a prayer trio
Three is small enough for people to feel comfortable and to experience mutual encouragement. The prayer trio meets weekly, in person if possible, although it can meet over the phone or by as well.

 - The Bible study practice known as Word-Share-Prayer
The of the most powerful ways to enjoy Bible study is to join with the others in a prayer trio for a one-hour meeting. The trio spends twenty minutes sharing insights from their reading of the Bible passages in the book Pray Daily.  For thirty minutes the people take turns sharing blessings and needs in their lives. For ten minutes they pray for each another in gratitude for their blessings and in request concerning their need.

It takes minimal organization to launch the 90-day Adventure in Prayer  whether your aim is to involve 10 people or 100 or 1000!

 For more information about this 90-day adventure go to  Prices for bulk quantities are listed.

 E. Stanley Ott, Ph.D. is president of the Vital Churches Institute and consults with denominational regional areas and with congregations. His books include Twelve Dynamic Shifts for Transformation Your Church, Transform Your Church with Ministry Teams and Small Group Life.  


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