Enjoy Life, Enjoy God

Dale Patterson


April 12, 2011

He was King David's beloved son, he had it all, charismatic leader, good looks, the people of God loved him.  And how did that work out for him?

As he went [David] said, "O my son Absalom!  My son, my son Absalom!  If only I had died instead of you--O Absalom, my son, my son!"
                                                -2 Samuel 18:33 TNIV
While it's a complicated story, Absalom used his gifts and popularity to foment revolution.  He betrayed his father, and led the people of God into a civil war that in truth, from which they never really recovered.  It also led to Absalom's death.  Yet when his father heard of his beloved son's death--in spite of the treacherous betrayal, and bloodshed caused by his own son--David collapsed in grief.  We read his mourning lament above, broken-hearted.
In this, we also see again the heart of God.  David weeps for the loss of his son, a rebel, a sinner, a fool, a dead fool.  In David's grief we glimpse God's grief over us--willful rebels, often traitors to the cause, gods unto ourselves.  There's a bit of Absalom in most all of us.  But thanks be to God, we rest in the grace of the heart of God.
Dale Patterson