Building One Another

E. Stanley Ott

MENTOR Vol 10 No 16

June 14, 2011

Dear Friend,

Yesterday I had the joy of meeting Anne Ortlund.   Her books and those of her husband, Ray, have had a mentoring role in my life, helping me grow in an understanding of the Christian life.


Usually a mentor is a person with whom you have a personal relationship, a person of experience and wisdom who helps you grow in some way. 


I can think of many mentors in my life who have helped me grow in faith, in family life, in work, and in life and leisure in general.  How about you?


Scripture is full of wonderful mentoring relationships, the influence of life on life, such as Jethro to Moses, Elijah to Elisha, Barnabas to the Apostle Paul, Jesus to the Twelve and Pricilla and Aquila to Apollos.


Just think of the people who have been especially significant in helping you grow in your faith in Jesus Christ and in your service to him.


The names and faces of many mentors in my life jump to my mind immediately! Bob and Margaret Pickett, Bob and Liz Chalmers, Bill and Joyce Fall, Jim and Charlotte Walker, Jim and Vivian Tozer, Dick Halverson, Elton Trueblood, Alex Williams, Harry Fifield, Gordon Prescott, Chuck Miller, Cullen Story,  Ina Ziegler, Bill Bright, Charlie Shedd and the list goes on.


I am very aware of the many contributions they have made to my life and that I would not be who I am without them and neither would you be who you are without the mentors our Lord has positioned in your life.


Be grateful for them and show them the great honor by passing onto others what the Spirit has passed to you through them.


“One generation will commend your works to another.” Psalm 145:4*


With joy - E. Stanley Ott

Copyright 2011 E. Stanley Ott

*Scripture from the NIV