Enjoy Life, Enjoy God

Dale Patterson


May 23, 2011

Ever not "get it?"  Others seem to comprehend, but you are clueless; it just doesn't compute?  Hanging out with Jesus, the disciples routinely don't get it.

They were completely amazed; for they had not understood about the loaves; their hearts were hardened.
                                                     - Mark 6:51,52 TNIV


I urge you to take a moment and read Mark 6:45-56.  It's an amazing series of verses; on the surface it's about Jesus walking on the water.  But look what happens:
--following the feeding of the 5000, Jesus sends his disciples to cross Galilee.
--Jesus prays, and watches the boating-disciples struggling on the lake.
--the biggie: Jesus walks on the water to help them out.
--at first it's no help, but they are scared to death by the water-walking ghost.
--Jesus says, "Don't be afraid," the wind dies down, he gets in the boat.
--Amazed, the text says that they hadn't understood the feeding of the 5000, they don't understand this, because of hard hearts.
What's up with this?
Their hearts were not so hard as not to follow Jesus.  They made a great commitment to follow Jesus, been with him 24/7, is this a hard heart?  Yet the writer Mark tells us they were blinded due to hard hearts.  So what?  Jesus does not scold them for hard heartedness, but has little patience with them for fearfulness.   Today when you are in the boat with Jesus, I suggest you put your faith in him for everything...and somethings we just may not understand.  A hard heart that blocks faith is a bad thing; a hardened heart that is misunderstood...Jesus lived with that all the time.  Take heart, and follow Jesus.
Dale Patterson