Enjoy Life, Enjoy God

Dale Patterson


June 2, 2011

For a second time Jesus feeds a huge mass of people with a paltry inventory...a few loaves and a few fish.  The masses witness this amazing provision of God, yet...

Jesus sighed deeply and said, "Why does this generation ask for a sign?  Truly I tell you, no sign will be given it."
                                                -- Mark 8:12 TNIV
What is the significance of a sign, and how many before it's enough?  Jesus just fed 4000 with a few leftovers.  Yet there is the incessant demand for a sign.  I sense there is a lust and a lack at work here.  There is a lust amongst many for the colossal, "Show us another wonder; we need more!"  And there is a colossal lack of insight, lack of discernment to understand the signs of the times, and lack of faith in the person of Jesus.
4000 witness this and other signs.  Lack and Lust blind many to the presence of the kingdom of God present in their midst.  Somethings just never change. 
Dale Patterson