Building One Another

E. Stanley Ott

LOOK-A-HIM Vol 10 No 19

July 26, 2011

Dear Friend,

My grandfather used to refer to some people as a “look-a-me.”  A “look-a-me” is a person whose bearing, speech, and attitudes all say, “Look at the wonderfulness of me.”


Many years ago, Eddie Cantor sang the song, “I Love Me:”


I love me, I love me, I'm wild about myself

I love me, I love me, my picture's on my shelf.


That’s a look-a-me!


Contrast the idea of the look-a-me with words of John the Baptist when he was speaking about Jesus, “He must increase, but I must decrease.” John 3:30*  John was a look-a-him!


He knew life isn’t only about you or partially about you and me and partially about Jesus.


It’s all about Jesus!


The life of Jesus grows in you as you increasingly yield your life to this Lord who loves you.  The visibility of Jesus in you increases.  Your reflection of the grace and spirit of Jesus increases.


He must increase, you must decrease.


As your life moves from look-a-me to look-a-him your life will flourish in ways you never imagine.


The remarkable thing about this is that as you decrease you don’t lose anything.  You increase in your knowing, experiencing, and loving of the Lord who profoundly loves you!


With joy - E. Stanley Ott

Copyright 2011 E. Stanley Ott

*Scripture from the NRSV