Building One Another

E. Stanley Ott


May 18, 2009

Dear Friend,

Think of the times you have found yourself with someone who went on to have a great impact on your life or you a great impact on his or her life.

"That’s “positioning!” Positioning happens when God puts you with people through no forethought of your own for reasons of God’s own.

The jailor in Philippi was just doing his job never imagining that when Paul and Silas were thrown into his jail they would lead him to faith in Jesus (Acts 16). God positioned Paul and Silas with the jailor!

I was sitting by myself in a large auditorium listening to a speaker. Someone sat down next to me. Afterwards we said hello. She and I just celebrated our thirty-fifth wedding anniversary. God positioned us together.

The woman in the town of Sychar walked out to the well for water with no thought whatsoever that she would meet the Messiah who changed her life (John 4). Positioning!

At the rehearsal dinner of a cousin’s son in Phoenix, who should walk up but a person I had just met in northern Virginia, now a dear friend. Positioning!

Positioning is the process by which God puts people into your life through no forethought, choice or plan of your own for reasons of God’s own – such to encourage you or them – people you meet at church or work or a social, or your next door neighbor, the checkout person at a store and so on.

Our Lord’s work in your life is the ultimate GPS – God’s Positioning System!

With joy - E. Stanley Ott For more about positioning, see
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