Enjoy Life, Enjoy God

Dale Patterson


August 3, 2011

What is your primary identity?  "I'm so 'n' so's father...spouse." "I'm an engineer." "I'm a mommy."  "I'm a school teacher."  "I'm an airborne infantryman."  What is your primary identity?

Paul and Timothy, servants of Christ Jesus,
To all the saints in Christ Jesus who are in Philippi...
                                                - Philippians 1:1 NRS
Paul used to introduce himself like this: "Hi, I'm Paul, a tentmaker, and a Pharisee."  But that's changed since he put his life in Christ's hands.  Now it's, "Hi, I'm Paul, one set apart to follow Jesus Christ.  He's the boss of my life."  That's his new identity.  That becomes his primary identity.  And when he writes to the Philippian Christians, he calls them by their new identity: saints in Christ Jesus.  Their primary identity is as Christ-followers.
So what is your primary identity?  Rather than others addressing me, "Here's Dale, a grumpy ol' curmudgeon," I pray as I grow in Christ that my identity is his.  "Here's, Dale, he's a follower of Christ."  What's your primary identity?  What do you want your primary identity to be?
Dale Patterson