Enjoy Life, Enjoy God

Dale Patterson


September 2, 2011

 In "Mission Impossible," the star, Jim Phelps, was given a mission, an impossible mission, and the mission began, "Good morning, Mr. Phelps, your mission is..." We too, in Christ, have been given a mission, but it's not impossible, not in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Through him we received grace and apostleship to call all Gentiles to faith and obedience for his name's sake.
                           --Romans 1:5 TNIV

Yes, we have received grace through faith in Jesus Christ, hallelujah! However, it's unto a purpose. Grace that may be shared with still others. Paul starts the famous Letter to the Romans by reminding the Romans, and us, that they have been blessed by grace, but so that it may be shared to all, everyone.

Our mission, and in Christ, we've already been given it, is to spread the grace of Christ to our neighbor. You protest, "But my neighbor is a Christian." Thou protesteth too much! Even in the Bible Belt, 70% of our neighbors not only are not bona fide followers of Christ, but they are also functionally unchurched. The mission message of Christ will not destruct or go away after you've read this!


Dale Patterson