Enjoy Life, Enjoy God

Dale Patterson


January 27, 2012

The story of Job is at least the story of abandonment, or so he thought. Abandoned by God, abandoned by family and friends, and what to do in such forsakenness?

Do I have any power to help myself, now that success has been driven from me?
But my brothers are as undependable as intermittent streams...
---Job 6:13,15 TNIV

After Job's abandonment, the story is made up a series of conversations of his friends to Job, and Job's reaction; this repeats several times, and is followed by Job's conversation with God. It's a classic of literature. Job, more importantly, is a classic of human drama and personal faith.

In his success, he had life all figured out. In his abandonment, he is largely clueless, and finds "the comfort" of his friends, uncomfortable. Ultimately, he finds comfort and hope in one pressing reality.


Dale Patterson