August 2012

The Pressure of Present Demand 

E. Stanley Ott
A wonderful resource for we who long to see our congregations grow in vitality is The mission of ChurchNext is very much the same as the Vital Churches Institute:

The ChurchNext Mission is to act as a counter-weight to an increasingly secular society that is trying to convince us that the only option for the Christian church today is decline. The Church has made it through tougher times than these and will continue to flourish as followers increase their knowledge and commitment to the Gospel of Jesus.

Chris Yaw, who leads ChurchNext, regularly posts interviews with church leaders on a variety of issues relevant to growing congregational vitality. His recent interview with Stan Ott touches on a variety of topics including:

  • The real vision of a congregation is rarely in its mission statement.
  • The biggest challenge for church leaders today.  How are you coping?
  • How well does your congregation show true hospitality?
  • Navigating change in today's frenetic culture.

To watch or listen to the entire interview view below or click here.